Orbital Now Offers Renewable Energy Solutions

Orbital Now Offers Renewable Energy Solutions

… In addition to its first class Air Conditioning and Ventilation services.


And what better time to announce it, than the company’s ‘Ten Years Trading’ anniversary? And when one of the hottest topics of conversation is:

What needs to change in the next ten, to give the environment a chance to recover?


Having recognised that the effort simply has to start at home, millions of UK citizens have already switched to largely, if not wholly plant-based diets and become experts in recycling, however, what the Directors of Orbital have noticed, through their own home and business premises renovations in recent years, is how much harder it is for people to make the responsible shift towards renewable energy solutions, in order to cost effectively power, heat and cool.


That is, until now.


“Talking to our commercial and domestic clients, for whom we have installed state of the art A/C and ventilation systems over the past five years, it has become more and more clear that so many of us want to do the right thing by future generations, by making more environmentally friendly choices for our own homes and businesses, but are stymied by ever-changing government advice and incentives, and lack of trusted ‘one-stop-shop’ providers of such solutions,” says Steve Welsford, Co-Director of Orbital Climate Solutions and now Orbital Renewables Ltd.


“So, over the last year, with this in mind, we have worked tirelessly at devising an expert-led offering, enabling our most forward-thinking clients to affordably ‘get off the grid’ once and for all, and to do their bit for the environment without compromising the efficacy of their systems.”


In fact, with the Renewable Heat Incentive Payments (RHIs) currently available (which Orbital assists all its renewables clients in obtaining), those who decide to make the move away from gas and other carbon emitters, sooner rather than later, will see timely returns on their investment, as well as gaining the satisfaction of doing the right thing by the planet, and future inhabitants.

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