Why maintain?

orbital graphic bulletTo uphold system efficiency & reliability: Simple regular checks can avoid costly breakdown repairs. An air conditioning system’s efficiency declines rapidly unless you keep it maintained through regular maintenance checks.

orbital graphic bulletEnvironmental effects: To avoid the spread of pathogens and bacteria that can pollute the air you breathe. Inefficient running systems run harder and longer, generating higher Co2 emissions.

orbital graphic bulletLegal requirement: Under EU Regulations users of air conditioning systems are now obliged to prevent emission of F gases. Units containing 3kg or more of refrigerant gas are required, by law, to be inspected at regular intervals. EU legislation.

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Orbital’s Customer Commitment

  • With our fully qualified engineering teams we can offer preventative maintenance contracts on new and existing equipment to ensure maximum energy efficiency and system reliability.
  • Each contract is tailored to suit individual client needs in line with manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • We offer service level agreements (SLA’s) which clearly outline all preventative maintenance checks, response times and service levels.