IT Suites & Server Rooms

When systems overheat they become less efficient, breakdown and sometimes crash. The cost of these risks to your business makes air conditioning an essential requirement.

Why do Orbital consider Air conditioning an essential requirement for IT Suites and Server Rooms?

orbital graphic bulletCritical Temperature control: The servers and computers that run your network are all designed to function in a specific temperature range. Overheating IT equipment by even a few degrees can cause the server to shutdown.

orbital graphic bulletImproved reliability and lifespan: Ensuring the room temperature stays within the required limits will increase the life of your components and reduce the running costs.

orbital graphic bulletDowntime risk: The cost of ‘downtime’ or loss of information on your business can be enormous. Air conditioning reduces the possibility of failure.

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Orbital’s Customer Commitment

  • At the initial onsite consultation our qualified engineer will accurately assess your ventilation requirements.
  • A written report with a detailed solution will be completed within 2 working days of carrying out the onsite consultation.
  • Installation and after sales service is second to none. Once the project is successfully and professionally installed by our qualified engineers we will provide an extensive operation and maintenance (O&M) manual and user training.