Effective controls will benefit any application, large or small, but with the huge choice of control systems available it is crucial to seek the right advice.

Why do the ‘right controls’ make a difference?

orbital-graphicAir conditioning systems must be able to react to a variety of factors including room size, usage and occupancy levels, as well as heat loads from electronic equipment and lighting. Effective control is essential to ensure a consistent comfortable temperature, which is both energy and cost-efficient.

Why Orbital?

Orbital embraces new technology and ensures its team is knowledgeable about the best and latest products on the market.  Working closely with carefully selected Partners, Orbital prides itself on providing bespoke solutions to meet the individual needs of every client.

orbital graphic bulletMEL Cloud is the new generation of  ‘Cloud based’ control used with Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning range.  It delivers advanced connectivity and control via the internet, users can access their controls from PCs, tablets and smartphone devices in the form of a simple app.

orbital graphic bulletSavant Home Automation provides complete home control at your fingertips.  A building’s climate, lighting, sound, blinds and security can all be controlled over a wireless network enabling our clients to take advantage of this state of the art technology saving on time, money and energy.

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Orbital’s Customer Commitment

  • After the initial onsite consultation our highly skilled design team get to work to find the most efficient and cost effective way of meeting your requirements.
  • A written report with a detailed solution will be completed within 2 working days of carrying out the onsite consultation.
  • Installation and after sales service is second to none. Once the project is successfully and professionally installed by our qualified engineers we will provide an extensive operation and maintenance (O&M) manual and user training.