EU F-Gas Regulation

Why have this law?

This law has been brought into effect to reduce and monitor all ozone depleting gases entering into the atmosphere which we all know has a damaging effect on our environment and accelerates global warming.

Who’s responsible?

The legal responsibility for the compliance lies with the ‘operator’, defined as people or organisations that have actual power over the technical functioning of the equipment.

What is required of them?

A log of all air conditioning systems must be kept on site with all system details such as make, model, serial numbers, type and quantity of gas. Units containing 3kg or more of refrigerant gas are required, by law, to be inspected at regular intervals. The systems must be leak tested by certified personnel (frequency depending on quantity of gas in the system) and findings recorded in the register. Any detected leaks must then be rectified at the earliest opportunity and detailed recordings of any recovery or additional gas included in the register for inspection.